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our story

Stillmeadow Acre began as a small market garden on less than an acre in 2013. As a new mom, Tiffany Leeper was debating going back to work or staying home. It was late at night when she had the epiphany to pursue her dream of starting a small farm, something she (mistakenly!) figured she could do easily with little ones running around! Her husband Ryan was very supportive, having known all along that his wife was secretly a closet-crunchy-granola-hippy. But he was also excited about having fresh vegetables and was the first to suggest adding chickens and turkeys to the farm.

Since then, we have moved to a 7 acre farm with plenty of room for chickens, turkeys, and LOTS of flowers! Our family has grown to 4: Tiffany (the boss and main laborer), Ryan (the sustainable-energy guru, problem-solver, and voice of reason), Madison (the flower child and art critic), and Samuel (the dirt expert and egg collector).  


In 2018, we added a Pick Your Own Flower Patch that is in the front of the farm and easily accessible to visitors. We continue to grow fresh flowers and specialty vegetables and gather fresh eggs from our flock of happy hens.  


Our farming philosophy (and life philosophy) is to work closely with nature and to mimic the natural processes whenever possible. We avoid chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. We also take our soil health very seriously, continuously returning organic matter back to the soil to maintain fertility and biodiversity.  

In addition, our homestead is energy self-sufficient and powered by the sun! We installed solar panels in 2018 and our home and farm run completely on the electricity we generate.  

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