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chickens & Eggs

Stillmeadow Acre is home to at least 40 laying hens at any one time (we tend to lose count). We have a variety of breeds but particularly like Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps, and Easter Eggers for a wide variety of colors in our cartons. Our hens are fed a nutritious, wholesome diet of locally ground, high protein layer feed from Kidron, Ohio. They have access to fresh pasture daily to eat bugs and vegetation, and in the winter we frequently supplement with black oil sunflower seeds to boost the omega-3 fatty acids in their eggs...and as a special treat for our girls!


Nothing is wasted on the farm: food scraps go to the chickens, egg shells go in the compost, and manure goes into the garden. We prize our chickens as much for the fertilizer they produce as they eggs they give us!

Eggs are available at Local Roots Market and Cafe throughout the year.

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