The Rooster is considered a symbol of good luck in many cultures, and it used to be an old wive's tale that if a rooster entered your kitchen, it meant good fortune would find you.   But rather than chance an actual rooster walking into your kitchen, you can give this guy a happy home on your wall in any room.  Made with pressed sunflower petals, leaves, and grasses, he'll make you smile without the noise or mess!


This is a high quality print of original artwork by Tiffany Leeper.  Originally created with pressed leaves, flowers, and feathers, this print is high resolution and accurately captures the essence of the art.  Print arrives with backing and wrapped for protection.  Please note that this is an unframed,  8x10 inch print.  

The Rooster

  • Unframed, 8x10 inch print of original artwork by Tiffany Leeper.